Huhu Insurance Q & A After Purchasing

1. How do I get my insurance card and how long will it take?Tiger Insurance (Also known as 虎虎保险)is an economic and environmentally friendly company, we will provide you with an electronic insurance card. You can print your insurance card online after purchase. 2. Can I upgrade on the basis of my insurance plan?Your student insurance (also known as 留学生保险)plan cannot be upgraded after it becomes effective. 3. Where can I see the receipt after I purchase the insurance?You will see your receipt after you have paid. Or you can contact the Tiger Chinese assistant to ask for a receipt. 4. I did not receive a confirmation email. Where can I receive it?Please log in to your account to view your insurance confirmation, including your insurance card and detailed insurance coverage. You can then choose to print your insurance card and confirmation. You can also check if our email is in the spam mailbox. If you still can’t receive the confirmation, please contact HUHU (Also known as 虎虎保险)Chinese Assistant for consultation. 5. What is the cancellation and refund policy for Tiger and Tiger Insurance?Tiger and Tiger Insurance provides the best services and products. If our insurance is not successful in your school, we will process your refund within 15 days. 6. Who do I contact if I need a complaint?You can add the Tiger Chinese assistant consultation on WeChat, or call the Tiger Hotline 646-849-1726.

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