Doping is synonymous with modern bodybuilding

Doping and bodybuilding, two words with a completely different meaning, yet so closely intertwined and for many absolutely identical. When I was thinking about this article, I also wondered why it really is, where to look for the culprits that society is contemplating bodybuilding, a bunch of “nasteroid” monsters, and how to prevent this profile. So let me first develop a little controversy or think about this topic and then get to the final warnings, recommendations and information that I hope will discourage every young athlete who sees glory in doping and especially in anabolic hormones big muscles and growth of your ego.
Doping synonym for modern bodybuilding

First, it is necessary to say that doping is not equal to anabolics. This is a common myth over which the lay public does not hesitate to think. Anabolic steroids are a subset of substances that we call doping. It is, therefore, only one part of the illegal substance used, but for bodybuilding, this group is the most important and most used.
Why is that so?

The question is simple, the effect of anabolic steroids is clear from the name. These are substances of anabolic nature, thus helping (in bodybuilding) the growth of muscle mass. These are artificially created substances that add or imitate human anabolic hormones. The most common is the male sex hormone testosterone. Surely you are not the unknown time (men) when you were testosterone loaded in your youth. The girls did not run away from you, and the workloads did not seem to weigh either. Growing muscle mass is easy as well as keeping body fat on a nice “beach” surface. But try to imagine this here, and even double it or even triple it. As you feel, you will be the king of the gym, your skin will crack under the stress of new gains in muscle, you will be more attractive to your surroundings (even in your eyes), even allow yourself to reach the girl you just looked at. Yes, that’s exactly what the anabolic steroids are doing. Unfortunately, here your thinking ends and surface perceptions are better than those that are hidden. What about getting acne on your back that you do not even remember from puberty. The devil also takes the fact that your eyes start white in yellow and the first hair appears. The state where you are simply the “master of creation,” as you always wanted, is so intoxicating. What I want to say with this short story. DOPING is very easy to fall, so it is necessary to stop the manifestations of anabolic use at the beginning, not to think that if I use anabolic drugs, I will be the best and get carried away on the fairy tale of “more experienced” colleagues from the gym who are also taking and they are healthy. In the case of doping and anabolic drugs, especially one thing is true, once you start taking them, you will find it hard to get them. And if you get out of it, you want a great self-denial, maybe anxiety or depression, so get ready.

What are the most commonly used substances in bodybuilding?

Check out the bodybuilder what you see on it. It is a mountain of muscle that seems to have no fat. Such is the ideal of a bodybuilder. Of course, all users of banned substances are trying to keep their character at least the same as they see on the professional stage and competitions. This is also the answer to the selection of substances that are misused among bodybuilders. Most often they are as different as anabolics, ie substances that replace human sex hormones and substances that affect muscle growth, metabolism and energy turnover in the body, and the use of fat as a fuel for working muscles. ANABOLIC and PEPTIDE HORMONES are the most widely used doping list in bodybuilding. Of course, most of those (or at least hope that recreational athletes using anabolics are not so many) who use anabolic drugs wants to present their newly acquired muscles on the competition stage. In this case, there are many substances that are so-called camouflage or substances that help to remove fluid from the body and literally “dry” the underachieve of the athlete. These substances are called DIURETICS. A very often used group of substances, especially in a pre-competitive diet, becomes STIMULANCIA. You may say that this is also a category of sports nutrition, it is not. In sports nutrition, we can use certain stimulants (allowed, with no negative side effects at standard dosages – eg caffeine). STIMULANCIA have a similar effect, but much stronger than legal means, and it also influences their effects on the human organism as well as the side effects.

ANABOLIC STEROIDS- health hazard

As we have already mentioned, anabolics are the most abused group of substances in bodybuilding. Let’s look specifically at them and their influence on our organism. We already talked about the effect that bodybuilders demand. It is usually an increase in muscle mass, strength and a reduction in fat mass. But what is the reverse side of anabolic use. What are the negative consequences of their application to the human organism? Let’s summarize the most important ones. One of the most dangerous anabolic steroids with the biggest side effects is
 anapolon. This products contains active substance called oxymetholone, it is brutal steroid, you can gain 20 kg during the anapolon cycle.

What to see on anabolic users?

The primary symptoms of using anabolic steroids are associated with acne formation, both on the face, chest, back, or arms and thighs. Likewise, the skin loses its elasticity, its swelling is swollen and elongated, the pores on the surface of the body increase. Differences can also be found in the sexes, with men being the most common hair loss, thinning and baldness, and it is irreversible after discontinuing anabolic steroids. On the contrary, hair growth is increasing to masculine, so you can meet a “girl” bodybuilder who ranks the shave on her face between her pre-competition rituals. I think he deny all the laws of nature. The possible positive effect is that this effect is reversible and when the AS (anabolic steroids) is discontinued, the hair disappears. Not completely.

This picture shows the gynecomastia. Swollen breast glands.


To begin with, to clarify what is going on, we start with an increased level of estrogen by various effects. The first sign of elevated estrogen levels can be seen in men already in puberty, with hormonal imbalance. Sensitive individuals can also develop gynecomastia, a condition in which the male body basically accepts female characteristics. Gynecomastia refers to the non-destructive enlargement of the mammary gland in the male breast. It means enlargement of the breast tissue where the male breasts look pointed, so they look like women. As mentioned earlier, it is caused by an excess of estrogen and can be exacerbated by excess of progesterone.

Be aware of your genetics

Do you practice that Friday, but the results are still not what you want? Even if you do all the time for your gym, are you doing just a little steps ahead? The answer is simple. Genetics. Genetics plays a crucial role in the success or failure of every person. The fact that you do not have good genetics for gaining muscle mass or for strength progression, does not correct even 5g of testosterone per week. Maybe your genetics will be good for another sport, but for this one.

So why exposing your health to a huge risk, if you can never win over people with better genetics? Although this report may be depressing, it is good to be aware of these crucial things.

If you’re going to the gym, do it on. Do it with joy and knowing that even if you are moving very slowly, you are constantly moving and improving your body as well as your knowledge. But avoid the anabolic, because there is nothing that could defeat bad genetics.

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