Are Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets Reliable For A Drug Detox?

People have come up with a bunch of creative ways to remove the THC metabolites from their system. Not all of them are reliable, of course, but some of them actually work. The best products that help in this situation are detox kits, shampoos, and synthetic urine. These are 100% effective without question in doubt. However, not many people know this stuff and would try basically anything they read online to try and pass a drug test. Those that work in big corporations and firms usually get tested for drugs. This is so because employers don’t want a staff using drugs to work for them.

You can’t really blame them because smoking pot really makes you more passive and slow. Even if you didn’t smoke the day the test has to happen, the metabolites are still present in your body. They don’t go away within a day or two, especially if you smoke daily. Heavy smokers need at least a couple of weeks to get clean before taking the test. The best option is to do extensive research on the topic and find the best detox product to help you. Also, ask around for advice from people that have already been in this situation.

Moreover, let’s talk about potable aqua tablets. Click on the link for more There has been speculation that they help to detoxify the system from weed toxins. Many question this whether it is accurate and they are right to do so. Here are some facts about the tablets that you should know:

What are potable aqua purification tablets?

They purify water from being infected with bacteria. Not everything is affected with bacteria, but just to be on the safe side, they do it. Basically, if you want to drink water but have doubts about whether it is safe to use, then pop in one of those pills, and you can quickly drink in then. A lot of outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, etc. carry them with them for whatever stream they find or a lake. Not every place where you find water is reliable for drinking. That’s why these pills are necessary.

They are incredibly easy to find. You just have to walk to your local store or order them from a reliable site. They are also affordable. Now that you know the basic definition, you might question whether they work for purifying urine for a urine drug test. The answer depends on how much time you use them.

What are they made of?

 There are tons of purification tablets made from different substances. However, potable aqua tablets are probably the most widespread ones. They are made from ingredients like tetraglycine hydroperiodide, iodine, and chlorine. If you want to find more about these ingredients, always use the internet to do so, unless you’re a chemist by profession.

How do people use them?

There are steps to using these products. The first thing they do is to drop two iodine tablets into a bottle of water of 1 liter and shake the mixture until the pills dissolve. Then, you would have to leave the mixture for an hour for the water to get discolored. If you try tasting the water, then you will surely notice the taste of iodine in it.

 Next, they add 2 pills of chlorine in the mixture to clear the taste of iodine. Then, you would have to leave the mix again for about 20 minutes before altogether drinking it. The last step you should do is to pee before the urine test and hand over the cup to the test administrator. This entire process may sound tedious, but people actually do it. They are sure that it would work. But that’s rarely the case.

Are they effective?

Sadly they are not. As much people like to believe that it might help them, they are not appropriate for this kind of drug detox. The best solution would be to buy products that are actually proven to be useful. The potable aqua tablets are just a wive’s tale or a myth if you prefer. You might ask yourself why do people use them then. That’s because they want to believe that it can help them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of articles online that say that they actually work. Once the word is out, then people become more engaged in trying them out.

Usually, those that say that these products work are those who were detoxing for months before the test. This is not a reliable source. Even the THC metabolites eventually disappear from the body within a couple of weeks. They don’t stay in the system forever. So you can see that those kinds of sources are false. Someone might think of them as accurate and try the method on them. Before you know it, you’re caught with drugs in the system and fired as well.

Is there an alternative?

Of course, there is. Potable aqua purification tablets are not the only products that people claim that they work. Those that are not proven effective would be best to stay away from them. On the other hand, for example, a detox shampoo is efficient against removing toxins from the hair follicles. Using it for a couple of days will give your hair vitality as well as remove the scalp from traces of weed. You should be able to purify for a drug test in no time.

Furthermore, a detox kit will have a program that you need to follow thoroughly if you want it to work. You’ll be clean in no time. All of this depends on which type of drug test you’re doing. If it is a urine drug test, then you can always buy or order synthetic urine to trick the test administrators that you’re clean. Always make sure to go for the reliable sources online, instead of those that ”might” work. If you want to pass the test with certainty, then make sure to try one of these alternatives instead.

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